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Types of coffee makers

Most common types of coffee makers

Different ways to brew coffee!

The different types of coffee makers are areas that I have spent a lot of time researching and testing. I have learned quite a bit from reading books, trying out coffees, and just drinking them for myself over the years.

The following article is about the many options, so if you are interested in knowing more, then keep on reading below:

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee makers are easy to use once you have it all set up, turn it on and let it brew away. Great if you are busy in the mornings. They come in single cups up to 14 cups serving sizes. If you have a few people coming over, it is very handy. Some also have a timer so you can set it up at night and set it to be ready for you when you get up in the morning.

Best for: Families and entertaining 



Espresso Machine

Espresso machines give you many options for making different types of coffee from espresso, americano, cappuccino, lattes and mochas. Great to cater for most peoples tastes. The drawback is it is more technical and requires learning how to make all these types of coffees and more setting up and cleaning up. You can only make one drink at a time. Great when time is on your hands, or you are just making coffee for yourself.

Best for if you want to make good espresso or coffee drink.



French press

A French press will give you that rich, strong flavor of coffee that we love without having to go through too much hassle to get it. Just put some water on to boil and pour it into the press pot with ground beans inside. Wait four minutes before plunging it down-and then enjoy! The best part about using a French Press is not having to use filters which makes it more environmentally friendly than other methods of brewing coffee.

Best for: Ideal for one to six people when you are not in a rush and can relax and enjoy a chat while the coffee is brewing.



Aero press

Aero press coffee maker is an easy way to make great tasting coffee. It is quick, convenient and durable. The design is unique with a plunger that forces the hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.  This process creates a rich flavor and aroma with little to no bitterness. There is no waiting around for coffee to brew. It is cheap compared to an espresso machine. You can bring it with you if you travel a lot. 

Best for: Strong coffee drinkers that want one cup at a time.



Moka pot

Moka pots are an Italian style coffee maker that is made up of three parts. The lower chamber contains water, the middle chamber holds ground coffee, and the top chamber, which has a filter, will pour out brewed coffee. They work by brewing the water and letting it turn into steam, which is pushed up through ground coffee beans. This process makes for a rich brew (usually stronger than drip coffee) that has more flavor than traditional methods of brewing because the hot water never comes into contact with metal filters. The Moka pot is one way for people to quickly get their morning fix without having to spend much money on high-quality beans or complicated equipment like espresso machines. It’s also perfect for those who live in small spaces because this machine takes up very little room while still giving you all the benefits of fresh-brewed coffee! The coffee can be used to make cappuccinos also. 

Best for Strong coffee lovers



Siphon coffee makers

Siphon coffee makers are an excellent choice for the true coffee connoisseur. They have a large capacity and can be used to brew up to two liters of delicious, rich, flavorful coffee at once. These machines use vacuum brewing which is a process different from most other types of brewers in that it uses pure water instead of boiling water. The vacuum brewing process also has been found to produce less acidity in the final product than other methods such as drip or French press.

Best for coffee connoisseurs




A great way to have a delicious cup of coffee is to use a pour-over coffee maker. They are easy to use and offer a lot more control than using an electric drip machine, which can lead to bitterness in the brew. There are pour-over coffee makers that can brew up to 8 cups of coffee.

Best for single cup coffee lovers that are not in a rush



What to do next?

Decide which type of coffee maker is best suited to your lifestyle and the time you have to brew a delicious coffee!

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