What is the best coffee for beginners starting out?

So you decided to give coffee a try and you want to find out the best coffee for beginners?

But you are not sure what to try first?

It seems like there are so many different types of coffee to choose from – but how do you know what type will suit your tastes? 

Read on for some helpful tips that’ll help guide you in choosing your favourite type of coffee!

I have built this list from my own experiences of trying coffees and making coffees at home for many years. 

I have also had the help of friends who don’t like coffee! But was able to find coffees that suited their pallets and that they liked! Or would come and visit to have a coffee ;).

My recommendations are below to help you on your coffee drinking journey!

1: Latte


Latte is a creamy coffee drink that is easy for beginner coffee drinkers to enjoy. Latte has the best of both worlds: you get the caffeine from espresso and the creaminess from milk, which means you can have your cake and eat it too! You can add sweeteners or sugar to make it taste just right!!



The next step to take is a cappuccino. Cappuccinos are not as milky and have a stronger taste than lattes.  They are good if you want more coffee flavor instead of milker coffees like latte or mocha! You can also sweeten it with sweeteners or sugar to the level that works for you – try different amounts until its just right 🙂

3: Mocha


If you are a fan of hot chocolate or chocolate?? Then the mocha is the place for you to start your transition into drinking coffee. A mocha has a shot of espresso, CHOCOLATE syrup and topped with steamed milk. Sometimes you can get whipped cream on top too and a sprinkle of chocolate powder or sauce to finish it off. If that’s not sweet enough you can add some sweeteners or sugar to suit your taste!

4: Flat white

Flat white

When you have tried the above-mentioned coffees and you are looking for a bit more coffee taste then my recommendation would be to try a flat white. Flat white has a stronger taste of coffee but still giving you that milky texture. As always sweeten to your liking. 


There are flavorings you can add to coffee to give it a little twist. The most common ones are either vanilla or caramel that I would recommend for beginners that is. 

Sensitive to caffeine?

If you are sensitive to caffeine you can always ask for a decaf version of the coffee and get all the flavors without the caffeine! 😉

Sensitive to milk?

An alternative to milk if it does not suit you is oat milk or almond milk. These are worth a try as the milk helps to soften the taste of the coffee to make it more palatable especially when starting out.

What to do next?

coffee cup surrounded with beans

I would recommend going with a friend to a cafe, one who likes coffee and let them bring you to a Cafe to try them out.

Then if there is one you like, you can try making it at home!

Check out our other pages to learn more while you grab a coffee and enjoy! 

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