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American Coffee

American coffee: what makes it so special?

Americans view its coffee differently from authentic Italian coffee. They drink it with meals and enjoy it leisurely while reading or catching up with family or friends.

American coffee is usually served in coffee mugs or cups with lids to keep it warm and prevent splashing. Most importantly, it’s a grab-and-go drink that people always love to take away while they are moving for a morning walk to the subways, offices, and workplaces.

But First, What Is American Coffee?

To begin with, let’s talk about the definition of American coffee and the typical way it is made.

American coffee is a coffee that is brewed with a filter coffee maker. Long story short, it is a brewed coffee or filter coffee. Unlike Italian coffee, American coffee is not brewed with espresso and hot water by using an espresso machine or a Mocha pot stovetop.

Is American Coffee A Diluted Espresso?

Most coffee shops offer coffee that is a hot watered-diluted espresso. This is where the origin is integrated. Therefore, American coffee is much simpler than you may think.

This practice seems to have developed during the Second World War when the Americans based in Italy did not like the taste of Italian coffee and requested more hot water to dilute in the coffee.

In the past, this method was so popular when there weren’t any filter coffee machines available yet. No doubt, this tradition influences how Americans drink American coffee until these present days.

The Arrival of American Coffee Machine

Filtered coffee is love, and filtered coffee is life in the U.S. and Northern Europe. Most likely, American coffee is brewed by using single-origin and medium-roasted ground with the right type of coffee machine. Plus, Arabica is always the greatest choice ever because of its intense flavor.

Remember that the ground coffee should not be too coarsely or too finely as it will produce the unpleasantly under-extract or over-extract coffee flavor. The best coffee and water ratio is roughly 0.28 oz coffee for 5.07 fl. oz water. At the same time, water must be kept at 199.4 to 203 degrees F.

How Many Calories Does American Coffee Contain?

American coffee contains more or less the same amount as an Italian espresso or mocha coffee but with fewer calories.

Approximately it’s about 2 kcal per 3.38 fluid oz. Besides, the coffee will not affect your body even if you drink it black and without sugar.

Other newly invented American coffee flavors, such as syrup, brown sugar, caramel, cream, or other various toppings, would have a higher calorie intake and cause weight gain.

Wrapping up!

There are so many different types of coffee to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which one would suit your preferences the most. Here are some top coffees for brewing that you might want to consider when picking out a new bag or pot of coffee beans.

What to do next?

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